How to Quiet A Generator? 9 Ways to Make Your Generator Quiet

How to Quiet A Generator

Generators are vital to power your house or camp site during power shortages. But, a generator that makes too much noise is unbearable. Don’t worry if you have purchased the generator that produces intolerable noises, in this article, some epic techniques are discussed to quiet a generator. Let’s dive deeper and learn. Reasons That Make … Read more

Who Makes the Best Portable Generators? Top 3 Portable Generator Brands

Who Makes the Best Portable Generators

Portable generators are useful for camping and other outdoor activities like RV or campers. They are mainly operated outside the house as they emit carbon emissions. The updated models of portable generators are available with a carbon shutoff feature which is eco-friendly and safer to use. There are a lot of reasons for choosing portable … Read more

Generator Safety | 10 Generator Safety Tips

Generator Safety 10 Generator Safety Tips

A generator is a helpful device for power outages, but can also be very dangerous if not maintained and connected properly. If the generator is connected directly to the main electrical system of any building it might injure a person. It can even result in electrocution. Therefore, it is important to take generator safety tips … Read more

How Long Can a Generac Generator Run Continuously


Continuously is an irony. Everything that starts has an end, so even if the generator starts, there will come a time when it has to stop regardless of how powerful it is. But of course, the running time of the generator is extensible and multiple factors contribute to prolong the running time of the generators.  … Read more

Can You Run RV Generator While Driving?

Can You Run RV Generator While Driving

Road trips are always fun either you travel alone or with your friends and family. Recreational vehicles further enhance the joy of such trips because RV gives more like a homey feeling.  But, of course, to travel in RV, you have to have some powerhouse or a power source to keep it running. Apart from … Read more

What Powers a Generac Generator?

Fuel is the ultimate key to run generators. The better the type of fuel, the better the generator will work. It all depends upon what powers your Generac generators. The Generac generators are powered by three types of fuels, including natural gas, diesel, and liquid propane.  Each fuel type holds its perks and drawbacks. Fuel … Read more

Who Makes CAT Generators? All About CAT Generator Brand

CAT is a versatile company that offers a range of necessary products, equipment, power systems, attachments, parts, footwear, merchandise, and work wears to its consumers. The product quality is satisfactory leaving no room of complaints from the customers’ side. Besides the range of products CAT has come up with six industries to serve different sectors … Read more

Who Makes WEN Generators? All About WEN Generator Brand


WEN is one of the most popular brand names of generators. The American company WEN gained its name, fame, and acceptance by merging the tools and electricity (putting the power into power tools). The research and development team of WEN played a significant role in developing a variety of common everyday tools like chainsaw, the … Read more

How To Ground A Generator When Camping?

How To Ground A Generator When Camping

Grounding is the process of giving an intentional connection between an electrical circuit to a reference ground. The reference ground means a copper wire and a metal rod or the generator’s frame. With regards to the generator, these electrical connections can be given to the components like a gas tank or engine, to the frame … Read more

What Size Generator for Home

What Size Generator for Home

Home is the comfort zone for breathing, relaxing, and living the way you want to. To enjoy the lifestyle and the comfort level everyone looks at their needs and requirements. Before buying any home appliance or machine one has to ensure whether you need them or not will it be useful or not. There are … Read more