What Powers a Generac Generator?

Fuel is the ultimate key to run generators. The better the type of fuel, the better the generator will work. It all depends upon what powers your Generac generators. The Generac generators are powered by three types of fuels, including natural gas, diesel, and liquid propane.  Each fuel type holds its perks and drawbacks. Fuel … Read more

How To Ground A Generator When Camping?

How To Ground A Generator When Camping

Grounding is the process of giving an intentional connection between an electrical circuit to a reference ground. The reference ground means a copper wire and a metal rod or the generator’s frame. With regards to the generator, these electrical connections can be given to the components like a gas tank or engine, to the frame … Read more

What Size Generator for Home

What Size Generator for Home

Home is the comfort zone for breathing, relaxing, and living the way you want to. To enjoy the lifestyle and the comfort level everyone looks at their needs and requirements. Before buying any home appliance or machine one has to ensure whether you need them or not will it be useful or not. There are … Read more