Standby Generators

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Standby generators are the most expensive ones compared to the rest of the generators and range from roughly 5,000 to over 20,000 watts. 

Table of Best Stanby Generators

They should be installed by professional workers that require additional labor costs. Standby generators need a professional electrician for dealing with municipal committees and noise restriction laws of the town. 

Once the power goes out the standby generators start automatically while supplying surplus power than the rest of the generators. These generators are capable of letting the users know when maintenance is needed. 

These generators are operational under the fuel of your choice including propane, which is less risky to store than gasoline, or natural gas, that provides an unlimited supply of power.  

Standby Generator Summary

  • Installed permanently
  • Start automatically when power is out
  • Require highly professional electricians to install 
  • Generate high power (over 20000 Watts)
  • Can run on diesel, propane or natural gas
  • Very expensive 
  • Constantly monitors the utility power

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