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Propane generators are a highly useful tool to own. Coming in portable and standby forms, the use of propane as a fuel has several benefits when compared to other fuel sources. This article outlines the considerations you should make when in the market for a propane generator. This includes the purpose of the generator, power requirements, pricing and a comparison between propane and gasoline. To boost your decision making consider our best propane generator reviews.

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Considerations to make when choosing a propane generator

Propane generators come in two forms, portable and standby. Portable propane generators are much more popular and so are the focus of this page. If you are in the market for a standby generator, refer to our standby generators page. Before continuing with this article, we recommend you review our portable generators guide. Portable propane generators are highly beneficial tools. Giving you the ultimate flexibility, you can use them as home, at a work site or recreationally. Coming in a range of power capabilities, you need to assess your usage requirements. The best way to do this is to decide which appliances you wish to power. You can then calculate the total wattage requirement by adding each appliance’s wattage use. This information can be found on all appliances. Naturally you may also want to consider the cost of the generator. Models with smaller power capability will start at around $300 while the larger more powerful models will cost you around $1000.

Advantages and disadvantages of propane vs gasoline

Using propane instead of gasoline as a fuel source has several advantages. Propane is a much cleaner fuel. It doesn’t produce the toxic exhaust fumes that gasoline does, protecting not only you and your family but also the environment. This can be highly beneficial if you need to use your generator for extended periods. Propane has different storage characteristics to gasoline. It is very hard to spill and even if it does for some reason, it will evaporate very quickly. The shelf life of propane is significantly longer than gasoline. Where gasoline generally needs to be used within a year, the only regular storage maintenance with propane is to check the condition of the actual tank. A major benefit is the fact that propane can still be obtained during a power outage.

Gasoline pumps need electricity to function, so if you are caught in a long term power outage you may have trouble restocking your gasoline supply. This means that when using a gasoline generator, you generally need to stock up on fuel in advance and store it somewhere at home. With a propane generator you can relax knowing that you can still purchase fuel if you run out. Conveniently, you can also have propane tanks delivered to your home.

One drawback of a gasoline fueled portable generator is the noise they produce. They can be very noisy often exceeding 70 to 80 decibels. Propane generators offer a more quiet solution. If you are looking for the quietest generators, click here.

While they do have many advantages, they do also have disadvantages. The propane fuel system is more involved and complex than a regular gasoline system. What this means is that they have a higher chance of breaking down. Further, if they do breakdown they can be hard to fix. This tends to reduce their overall lifespan. While generally they are safer generators then gasoline models, if the fuel lines break they can be very hazardous. You may also want to consider that the tanks are pressurized cylinders full of propane which is a highly flammable gas. While the storage requirements are more minimal than gasoline, what may deter you is that the tanks are quite large and may not be the most appealing to the eye.

Finally, the climate in which you live may affect your decision as a propane generator will not function correctly below -20 degrees Fahrenheit.

Our conclusion

In conclusion there are a few considerations to make when purchasing a propane generator. Influential factors include the intended use, the power requirements and your budget. Given the benefits and drawbacks to using propane instead of gasoline as fuel, you may want to consider a dual fuel generator. These hybrid models allow for easy switching between fuels. This provides the flexibility you need and gives you the advantages of both types of fuels. To help with your decision, consider our propane generator reviews.

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