How To Spot A Fake Honda Generator?

how to spot fake honda generators

No one can deny the importance of Honda generators when it comes to power outages or shortages. Generators ensure great power backup at the time when you need it the most. These generators keep you going with your tasks at hand without causing any interruption. You can enjoy complete peace of mind when you have … Read more

How To Prepare And Stay Safe During Hurricane?

Prepare and Stay safe during hurricane

How To Prepare And Stay Safe During Hurricane? You cannot ignore the importance of preparation and safety measures for hurricanes. They solely determine if you can survive the severe impact of the tropical storm, brisk winds, or not. No one indeed wants to face the impact of a hurricane. We all hope that the hurricane … Read more

Best Solar Panels For Generators

solar panels

If you’re looking for the best solar panels for generators, you’ve come to the right place. In this blog post, we will discuss the different factors you need to consider when choosing a solar panel for your generator. We’ll also provide some tips on how to choose the right one for your needs. So, whether … Read more

Inverter Generators – New Wave Backup Power For Your Home

Thinking of a power backup option for your home? After all, family is also important and so is family time. Who would like to have a power cut break during family movie time or when kids are studying? To cope up with the issues one will think of the various options available in the market … Read more

Solar vs Gas Generator: Which is Right for You?

Solar vs Gas Generator

Are you looking to get a solar or gas generator? Wondering what’s the best option for you? We will help you out. How do you know what’s the right generator for you? Power outages are common, which can lead to blackouts for a few hours to days. This issue disrupts our everyday life and becomes … Read more

How to Protect a Generator from an Electromagnetic Pulse (EMP)?


A generator serves as a backup power source for homes and workplace sites. During power surges or any technical malfunction, the generator can power the entire house or certain appliances depending on its type. However, as much as a portable generator is helpful, it is also prone to various threats. One of the main threats … Read more

How To Ground A Generator – Steps, Tips, & Tricks

ground generators

Did you get a new generator as a backup power source, or planning to get one soon? Then it is also essential to learn how to ground the generator to keep your family and surroundings safe. Improper grounding of a generator leads to damaged appliances and a threat of electrocution or shock. Whether it is … Read more

What Size Generator Do I Need? How To Choose Generators That Fit You?


A generator is an essential investment for a home or a business site. If you experience frequent power surges and need a solid power backup source, generators are the best option. Generators can help solve the issue of power cuts. But, when you get a wrong generator home without it meeting your requirements, it is … Read more

Generator vs Inverter Generator: What’s the Difference?

Honda EU2200i 2200 Watt Portable Inverter Generator Review 8

How do you deal with a power outage? How do you decide between a generator and an inverter generator? Now, generators can be a lifesaver – but how do you choose right? To distribute electricity, the two most common technologies used are inverter and generator. Due to a surge in the power industry because of … Read more

How to Quiet A Generator? 9 Ways to Make Your Generator Quiet

How to Quiet A Generator

Generators are vital to power your house or campsite during power shortages. But, a generator that makes too much noise is unbearable. Don’t worry if you have purchased the generator that produces intolerable noises, in this article, some epic techniques are discussed to quiet a generator. Let’s dive deeper and learn. Reasons That Make Your … Read more