Inverter Generators – New Wave Backup Power For Your Home

Thinking of a power backup option for your home? After all, family is also important and so is family time. Who would like to have a power cut break during family movie time or when kids are studying? To cope up with the issues one will think of the various options available in the market for power backup. Some of them are generators, inverters, and a new one, a combination of both Inverter generators.

Generators are very old technology used for power backup. They simply use some sort of fuel to create electrical energy i.e. AC supply that we have in our homes. There is no conversion between the two types required. But one thing that is required with the generator is you need to start it when required. This means in case of a power cut, a generator will not automatically pick up its responsibility of switching on and supplying. Another technology to cope with this problem of generators is inverter technology. Inverters don’t generate electricity, they convert DC to AC. They save AC energy in batteries in DC form. So whenever there is a power cut the inverter starts converting the DC stored in batteries to AC and completes the power supply. One major advantage of this technology is that there is no gap between the interchange.

New technology has come up as a combination of both types- Inverter Generators. To talk about technicalities their generators first create AC current. Convert it into DC. Then again converts it into a clean AC current. This conversion and inter-conversion makes the generator more efficient and gives it the power of providing more fuel efficiency, noise control, etc. This all is possible due to the presence of alternators in inverter generators. In an alternator, the rotor is excited with DC current and so producing a strong magnetic field by the rotor. And when the rotor rotates, the stator cuts this magnetic field and hence the electricity is produced which is collected through the stator. Alternators help the generator to adjust its voltage power according to the supplies required for the time. This helps in saving a lot of fuel and ultimately the environment.

Every technology has its own advantages and disadvantages. So how can we say that this tech will be different?

Advantages of inverter generators

Fuel Efficiency-

Inverter generators are more fuel-efficient than AC generators. They can control the speed of the rotor according to the electricity requirement. Running the rotor at a lower speed saves fuel to a higher extent.

Less noise production-

Conventional generators produce a constant amount of electricity all the time. Even if it is not required. But inverter generators adjust the speed according to requirement. This helps a lot in saving noise pollution also. Before purchasing, you can check a complete inverter generator guide or see the inverter generator reviews of the best.

Easy Maintenance-

Inverter generators are easy to maintain as their maintenance only requires battery checkups on regular basis and are the best generator for you.


They are lighter and smaller than the regular AC generators.



Inverter generators are a new technology. But they cost you also. After all, they are providing a number of benefits. And benefits cost you money.

Low Power outputs-

Inverter generators are capable of producing low power outputs that can fulfill the requirements of a household. But they can not produce energy as high as to cope up with the requirements of an industry.

With that being said, All that we can say is inverter generators are the best choice for household backup power supplies. Investing in inverter generators will help the user save a lot of money with added benefits of less noise, less power consumption, low maintenance, etc. Isn’t it amazing that this new technology has uncountable benefits?

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