How to Protect a Generator from an Electromagnetic Pulse (EMP)?

A generator serves as a backup power source for homes and workplace sites. During power surges or any technical malfunction, the generator can power the entire house or certain appliances depending on its type.

However, as much as a portable generator is helpful, it is also prone to various threats. One of the main threats to generators is an electromagnetic pulse or EMP. The impact of EMP causes severe damage to electrical infrastructure on a national level.

Learn how you can protect your generator from the devasting EMP impacts.


What Is An EMP?

An Electromagnetic pulse or EMP is a sudden release or discharge of electromagnetic energy. The attack happens either due to the atmospheric detonation of a nuclear weapon (artificial) or geomagnetic storms (natural occurrences).

An EMP attack is rare but can destroy everything nationwide, from sophisticated government technologies to essential appliances in an average home. Although EMP does not directly harm humans, it impacts power grids, electronics and generators, leaving long-lasting effects. It doesn’t matter whether you have the best Yamaha generator or WEN generator; it will still shut down during an EMP attack.

How Does EMP Effect a Portable Generator?

An electromagnetic pulse affects the electronic part of the generator. Natural EMPs do not affect devices with average electrical protection, including a generator and may survive such attacks.

However, when it comes to human-made EMPs like nuclear detonation, they have the power to destroy all types of electronics, especially a generator like diesel or an inverter generator. Want to safeguard your generator? We will help you deal with that below.

How To Safeguard Your Generator From An EMP Attack?

Knowing how to protect your generator from an EMP is a lifesaver. Here are some alternatives to follow:

Mission Darkness Revelation EMP Shield

One of the foolproof ways to protect your portable generator(check out the top portable generators list) from an EMP attack is to place them in a Mission Revelation Faraday bag. This military-grade bag is engineered and tested for coronal mass ejection (CME) and EMP. It blocks electromagnetic fields effectively.

Mission Darkness Revelation EMP Shield

These bags are perfect for shielding generators and other accompanying accessories. The bags are often used as the basis of an EMP emergency kit, letting you keep the crucial electronics shielded in one place. Moreover, you can also keep backup electronics in the bag for ultimate protection.

The bags come with a durable exterior and multiple layers of a high shield. This material goes under rigorous lab testing to certify military standards, which provides concrete shielding ability.

DIY Faraday Cage

Faraday Cage

Building a Faraday cage from readily available materials is a wise investment. Instead of making one from scratch, here is how you can create one quickly:

Items You’ll Need:

  • A plastic or an aluminum trash can
  • If you use a plastic trash can, you will need aluminum foil
  • Duct tape
  • Corrugated cardboard sheets


Steps To Follow

Here are some tips to help protect the generator from an electromagnetic pulse.

  1. On the interior of the trash can, lay at least three layers of aluminum foil. Do the same on the inside part of the lid using duct tape to attach securely. If you are using an aluminum trash can, skip this step.
  2. Place a layer of corrugated cardboard sheets above the aluminum foil layers as it acts as an insulator. Make sure that the lid has enough of the protective coatings and close it firmly.
  3. After you place your generator inside, you can use the remaining space to store and protect other electronic devices such as emergency radios.

Consider Solar Panels

Since generators rely on gasoline, it is impossible to pump it during a widespread EMP. A solar generator is the most viable means of producing power as it takes fuel from the sun.

These solar-powered generators convert the DC power that solar energy produces into AC power. You can shield this generator using alternating aluminum or plastic foil layers and encase it in a grounded metal box.

EMP threats are real and can leave long-lasting effects on your electronic appliances. Whether RV generators or anything similar, learning to protect your generator is as vital as owning one.

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