Solar vs Gas Generator: Which is Right for You?

Are you looking to get a solar or gas generator? Wondering what’s the best option for you? We will help you out.

Solar vs Gas Generator

How do you know what’s the right generator for you?

Power outages are common, which can lead to blackouts for a few hours to days. This issue disrupts our everyday life and becomes a nuisance if these backouts happen too often. So, to counter power outages, people rely on an alternate home backup power.

Choosing the right source of power backup for your home is also a vital safety measure. Out of all, the two most popular power solutions are solar-powered generators and gas-powered generators. There are specific pros and cons to consider while choosing between these two backup energy systems.

Solar Generator

A solar-powered generator is a system that runs entirely on solar power. It also refers to a portable power station or best portable generator for RV that provides electricity by using solar panels instead of fossil fuels.

Solar Generator

A solar generator captures the sun’s energy through solar panels and stores that energy in the battery for later use. Most of the best solar power generators come in handy during RV camping when you don’t have RV generators. It also acts as a backup power source in case of a power outage.


Advantages Of a Solar-Powered Generator

Here is why you may want to get the best solar power generators.

  • When it comes to this generator, there is no fuel cost. You can directly set up your solar panel and get free fuel from the sun instead of purchasing it.
  • As opposed to traditional generators, solar-powered ones are quiet generators. Since they are free of any moving parts, you don’t have to deal with noise. No moving parts also reduce the chances of breaking down, saving your maintenance cost as well.
  • These generators rely on renewable and clean energy. They release no pollutants while producing and storing energy. It means solar generators keep the environment protected from gasoline.

Disadvantages Of Solar Powered Generator

Here is what doesn’t work for a solar-powered generator.

  • Solar generators require a much higher investment than traditional ones.
  • Depending on the size of your solar battery, it can limit how much the generator can power. So, these generators usually cannot power the entire home but smaller appliances.
  • You can charge solar-powered batteries only when the sun is out. Moreover, solar panels take up a lot of time to charge the batteries.

Gas Generator

Natural gas generators are widely used and are efficient in generating power. Instead of relying on gasoline or diesel, it uses natural gas.

A gas generator converts gasoline’s chemical energy into electric energy. It uses an engine and a realtor to convert the energy. It has a reasonably complex system as various moving parts generate a significant amount of electricity. Natural gas also powers both an emergency and a portable generator.

Advantages Of a Gas-Powered Generator

What are your top reasons to get a gas-powered generator? Here are a few reasons for you.

  • These generators are very easy to use. You simply need to fill it with gas, press the start button or pull the cord and the power comes up. It keeps running and putting out a lot of energy as long as you keep putting gas in it.
  • These generators require less space. Furthermore, it takes only one or two people to load a gas generator at the back of a truck while still having room for other things. They are also compact yet put out large amounts of electricity.
  • Gas generators are less expensive than solar and inverter generators as they are mass-produced and are easy to build.

Disadvantages Of a Gas Generator

However, not all things work out for a gas generator. Here is what you need to know.

  • If the pipeline bursts, gas generators are highly explosive, which can result in fire hazards.
  • Gas generators are not as effective as dual-fuel generators since the latter offers more power and longer runtimes.
  • Gas generators are not eco-friendly as they emit greenhouses gases, especially carbon dioxide.

Consider these pros and cons before buying a solar or gas generator suitable for you according to your preferences and budget.

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