Briggs and Stratton 30676 Generator Review

Briggs and Stratton 3500 Watt Generator Review

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The Briggs and Stratton 3500 watt generator delivers first class performance at a very reasonable cost. Providing 3500 running and 4375 starting watts, this portable generator will keep your essentials powered during a power outage or capably run your RV. Easy portability, economic fuel consumption and high quality construction make this a great portable generator in the 3500 watt class.

Generator Power

The Briggs and Stratton  gives you 3500 starting and 4375 starting watts of power. This is enough to keep the essential alliances such as the refrigerator, freezer, lighting and television running during a power outage.

Alternatively if you want to use the generator recreationally, such as with your cabin or RV, it will meet your power needs comfortably. 

The generator uses a 250cc engine which starts easily and provides durable, reliable power. The gasoline tank has a capacity of 4 gallons which will keep the generator running for 8 hours at 50% load. This outstanding fuel economy means less refueling and less cost in the long run.


The generator has dimensions 26 x 22 x 23 inches and weights 111 pounds. Its 7 inch never go flat wheels make portability easy giving you convenience and flexibility. 

Ease of Use

Possibly the best feature of this generator is the ease of starting it. It uses a pulling recoil start which fires the engine right up. The panel is simple and gives you all the features you need.

The fuel gauge makes refueling straightforward. Your appliance needs are met with the 3 outlets: 2 x 120V AC standard household outlets and 1 x 120V 30 amp RV outlet.

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A drawback with the generator is that it does not have automatic low oil shutdown. This is often a standard feature so its questionable why this generator does not include it. Also an electric start would be a nice added feature. However for the price, its a fair trade off.

The customer reviews of the Briggs & Stratton generator are positive. What people like are how reliably it starts, especially on the first attempt. Often used for recreation at a cabin or with the RV, it comfortably meets the customer demands.

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Briggs and Stratton 30676 Generator: The Final Word

Briggs and Stratton have a reputation for quality and reliability which is what you get with this 3500 watt generator. At a fair price, this generator is great value. One of the biggest problems with lesser quality generators is that they start to quickly become unreliable with time.

They become difficult to start or fail altogether. The Briggs and Stratton 3500 watt generator gives you piece of mind in this regard. It also comes with a 2 year warranty to give you added protection. With its excellent fuel consumption, easy portability, and durable, reliable engine, this generator is a top pick in the 3500 watt class.


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Briggs and Stratton 30676 Generator Review

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