Champion 2000 Watt Generator (73536i) Review

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Note: There is a new and improved model of the Campion 2000 Watt generator. The design was changed in the new model, which now is not stackable, the rest of the features mostly stay the same. This review applies for both models. The best part is that the new model is a little cheaper so we are placing links to the newer model.


The Champion 2000 Watt generator is quiet and most ideal for outdoorsy people on the move. It is lightweight, compact, and efficient – giving about 20 percent better fuel efficiency than conventional models.

There’s no shortage of options when it comes to portable generators. It’s all going to boil down to what you need the generator for and which type fits your budget.

If you need a portable generator for camping, tailgating, or powering your RV, an inverter generator is the perfect power tool for your outdoorsy lifestyle.

This newer range uses the latest generator technology to produce cleaner power while their superior control systems ensure exceptionally high accuracy of voltage output making them suitable for sensitive loads such as laptops.

Using unique acoustic paneling and noise reduction technology, this inverter generator provides the smoother output and quieter operation compared to conventional types (non-inverter output).

Most importantly, the inverter range is the safest for powering delicate electronics. The sine wave AC power delivered by these generators is clean and reliable.

For those of you who intend to read my detailed review, you will find some great information.

Overview: Champion 2000W Inverter Generator 73536i 

The portable inverter range is rightly dominated by the likes of Yamaha, Honda, and Briggs & Stratton but the Champion Power Equipment 73536i 2000 Watt portable generator easily matches many of the big name models of similar size and output, at a more affordable price.

The Champion 2000 Generator 73536i has a running wattage of 1700 watts and peaks at 2000 watts. This is sufficient for most outdoor use such as powering small tools and appliances.

Obviously, you’re going to need something a little bigger than this if you want to power a full house during an emergency outage but for outdoor use, you’ll hardly find a better inverter generator at this price point.

For small lighting needs as well as powering small electrical applies, I wouldn’t consider anything else in the 2000-watt category. The Champion Power offers the best value for money in this range.

This unit costs between $150 and $350 less compared to similar sized units from Yamaha, Briggs & Stratton, and Honda. No doubt these are huge savings if you’re a budget buyer.

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Champion 2000W Inverter Generator Features

1. Build

Champion Power units are some of the best looking around, featuring a distinctive bright yellow finish. The 73536i is a well built unit with a proprietary stackable design that’s compact and sturdy.

The generator features a cube shape with bright yellow encasing on and black corner poles and handles. It’s pretty lightweight and easy to hawk around by hand.

The unit’s space saving stackable design allows it to be paired with another 2000-watt Champion parallel kit to ramp up the power output to 30A. No doubt this is a an ingenious way to extract more power from these units and makes them more flexible but the downside is that you need to spend twice as much to buy the units if you are looking for a large power output on a regular basis.

The Champion 2000 Generator 73536i weights a little less than 50 lbs, making it easy to carry either by hand or in a backpack.

2. Performance

The unit generates 1700 running watts and 2000 starting. The power generated has a low THD (Total Harmonic Distortion) so it’s pretty ‘clean’, considering what you get from conventional units.

This ‘clean’ power is crucial for powering delicate electronics and it’s this feature that makes the 73536i ideal for small electrical gadgets.

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Given this unit’s 1700 running wattage, you’ll need to know your precise power needs down to the minute detail. You cannot, for instance, run several home appliances at ago in case of a power outage. If you’re going to use the 73536i at home, it’s got to be only for the most critical appliances.

3. Champion 73536i Fuel Economy

The Champion 2000W Generator gives 9.5 hours maximum runtime on a full gallon of gas at 25 percent load. The Champion’s intuitive fuel saving technology allows the engine to rev at a reduced speed when the power need reduces – detected automatically when economy mode is activated. This way the engine conserves fuel.

The small fuel savings may not mean a lot initially but over the course of using the generator, they add up and you’ll be able to realize savings in fuel costs.

4. Is the Champion 73536i a quiet generator?

The aforementioned economy mode also allows for a quiet operation. Manufacturer claims state that the unit peaks at roughly 52 decibels in economy mode (although objective review tests I saw put it closer to 60 dB) and 72 decibels in regular running mode. That’s impressively quiet by generator standards. So overall the Champion 73536i can definitely be classed as a quiet generator.

Revving at reduced speed also helps minimize engine wear. The result is that you will be replacing parts less often than you would with increased engine wear. Again, this all adds up to savings in maintenance costs over the course of the generator’s life.

5. The Engine

The 73536i is powered by a capable 80cc single-cylinder engine with a 4.2 liter capacity gas tank. The engine’s OHV (overhead valve) design allows for more efficient heat dissipation, which helps to add a couple of months to the engine’s lifespan.

The engine is fully CARB compliant and meets strict low emissions standards for most states, including those as tough as California’s.

The 73536i ships with 0.4 qt. 10W-30 engine oil along with a handy funnel that makes it easier to add the oil to the reservoir.

The engine has a low-oil indicator and automatically stops supplying power to the outlets when the oil level is running low and hits certain minimum. This is possible thanks to the low oil auto-shut-off sensor. This nifty feature also helps to protect engine from damage, thus boosting its lifespan.

That said, you should always check the oil level each time you want to use the generator.

As with most generators, it is recommended to occasionally run the engine for a couple of minutes when not used for a long time.

6. Usability

Champion Power Equipment 100692 2000-Watt Portable Inverter Generator, Ultralight

The new inverter technology utilized in this generator not only improves efficiency but also makes for better usability.

At the heart of this unit’s usability is the control panel located on the inverter’s front side. The panel includes an on/off switch, an identical ‘econ’ (economy mode) switch, a breaker, indicator lights and a choke. All are clearly marked and easy to access.

The panel also has two AC outlets providing a combined 120V, along with an AC circuit breaker. There’s one 12V DC receptacle for charging batteries and other battery-powered electronic devices but no DC circuit breaker.

That said, I think a dedicated battery charger is a better option in this case since there’s no automatic breaker. Normally I would always advocate that a dedicated battery charger is better anyway as they are designed to promote longevity in a battery. Particularly the CTEK multi stage chargers which I would highly recommend from personal experience.

Worth noting is the fact that a voltmeter is conspicuously missing from this control panel. However, given the inverter output function any fluctuation in voltage is highly unlikely. An inverter will either work or fail, generally there is not much in-between as the inverter is composed of industrial electronic components.

When using the Champion 2000 Inverter Generator in stacked format with a second unit, there’s an optional parallel power kit that fits between the two stacked units. The kit comprises two 120V outlets; one a TT-30R for RV applications and the other a standard L5-30R.

The Champion 2000W uses a manual recoil start handle to start the engine. A single pull is sufficient but most times it takes two pulls to get the engine up. The lack of an electric start keeps the unit light and low on maintenance requirements.

To start the generator, make a brisk, stern pull until you feel a bit of resistance in your arm. Preferably place the free hand on the generator as the other hand holds the recoil handle.

Before starting the generator, turn the engine switch on and economy mode switch off.

The same safety precautions that apply to other generator start processes apply here as well. Be sure to peruse the safety manual enclosed with the shipment if it is your first time operating the generator.

What are the Maintenance requirements for the Champion 73536i

As I’ve already pointed out in this review, the Champion 73536i is a low cost generator built for budget users. Maintenance is very manageable (cost wise) provided you follow the recommended operation procedures.

The unit ships with a service manual in case you want to do the periodic servicing yourself (which I’d recommended if you want to extract as much savings as possible). In fact, for things such as checking spark plugs, spark arrestor, oil filter, fuel tank cleaning, and oil level, you should handle these yourself if you are a bit handy

For valve and cylinder head maintenance you should see your local dealer or hire a generator mechanic.

How often should you service the 73536i? That depends on how often you use it but generally, the recommended maintenance checklist looks like the one below:

  • Check and replace oil within 24 hours of first use.
  • Check and change oil filter after 50 hours of running.
  • Check spark plug and spark arrestor after at least 50 hours of running.
  • Clean the parts that require cleaning after at least 100 hours of running. Don’t pour water into the engine. Use a cloth to wipe the surfaces clean.

Before you start any maintenance checks, be sure to power off the engine. Check that you have the necessary tools. You’ll need to take off at least one side panel to access the parts on the inside.

The 73536i comes with a 2-year limited warranty for defective parts.

Champion Power Equipment 100692 2000-Watt Portable Inverter Generator, Ultralight

Champion 73536i 2000 Watt Generator Pros 

  • Very affordable. The 73536i is hard to beat in terms of price in the 2000 watt generator category.
  • Uses new inverter technology that gives clean power.
  • Runs quiet, making it perfect for campsites, tailgating, RVs, and other outdoor use.
  • Has features that provide added protection to prolong engine’s lifespan.
  • Stackable design increases total wattage output.
  • Lightweight and easy to carry design. Has a built-in handle that’s part of the encasing.

Champion 73536i Generator Cons

  • At 2000 watts starting, the 73536i is somewhat limited in capacity. This is offset by the ability to run two in parallel
  • The unit neither has a gas or oil drain. Emptying the gas tank can be a hassle when the need arises.


In my view, I think the 73536i is a well rounded portable generator that does its intended purpose so well. It’s a 2000-watt inverter-generator mostly intended for powering outdoor activities, including camping, recreation vehicles, and tailgating, among others.

If you’re a budget buyer looking for a portable generator in the 2000-watt range, I highly vouch for the Champion 2000 Generator 73536i. At roughly $300 less than the Yamaha, Honda, or Briggs & Stratton of the same power, the 73536i is hard to beat. You save a few bucks while reaping the same benefit.

What’s more, you also save more in the long run because it’s a low-maintenance unit.

Champion Power Equipment 100692 2000-Watt Portable Inverter Generator, Ultralight
  • At only 39 pounds, this inverter is one of the lightest 2000-watt inverters in the industry.Engine...
  • 53 dBA from 23 feet is perfect for camping, tailgating or to backup a few home essentials, featuring...
  • The optional clip-on parallel kit enables this inverter to connect with another 2000-watt Champion...
  • Includes two covered 120V 20A household outlets with clean electricity (less than 3% THD)


Rated Watts 1700
Max. Watts 2000
AC Load 120V
DC Output 12V/8.3A
Engine 80cc OHV
Gas Tank Capacity 1.00 gal.
Oil Capacity 0.42 quart.

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Champion 2000 Watt Generator (73536i) Review
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