Duromax XP10000EH Review

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The Duromax XP1000EH is a great mid-level portable generator that’s extremely powerful and efficient. Find out in the following review if it’s the right tool for your power needs

The Duromax XP1000EH is an incredibly powerful generator that’s designed to handle big electricity needs. It runs relatively quiet, allowing for a distraction-free operation.

With more than 10 hours run time at 50% capacity, the XP1000EH is equipped to deal with longer-term emergencies. It’s a heavy duty generator that’s perfect for powering RVs or to keep around for lengthy emergencies.

As this dual fuel portable generator uses both gas and propane, with propane burning cleaning which assists with keeping the generator’s carbon footprint small and offers a variety of fuel storage options.

In this review we will look at the power output, size and construction, fuel consumption, weight and pros and Cons.

A Great Standby Generator for Longer Emergencies

If you’re looking for a versatile portable generator to keep around for blackouts or to service a cabin, the Duromax XP1000EH is a great fit. The XP1000EH is the newer hybrid version of the popular XP1000E generator.

The Duromax 10000-watt hybrid generator features a good balance of features and functionality. The price point is manageable too and, if it matters to know, Duromax is a renowned brand of the California-based power tools manufacturer DuroPower. The company famously prides itself as one of the few power tools manufacturers that actually build their engines on U.S. soil.

The Duromax 10000-watt hybrid is a great standby generator for homes but even better for on-demand power supply at construction sites and RV campers.

With a 10,000-watt peak AC output and 8000-watt rated, the Duromax XP1000EH manages a runtime of 20 hours on propane and 10 hours on regular gasoline.

It’s slightly larger than average but has a wheeled frame that makes it easy to move around.

In the rest of the review, we take a detailed look at the key features of the Duromax XP1000EH hybrid portable generator.

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Duromax EP1000EH Size & Construction

For a portable generator, size is obviously a big issue. Unfortunately, this multi fuel generator is not exactly very portable. Weighing 265 pounds and measuring 40 inches length by 29 inches width by 32 inches height, it is pretty huge, slightly bulkier than your average portable generator.

That said, the Duromax 10000 watt hybrid is a real workhorse when it matters and if you’re purely after power output and not so much about size, you’ve got the perfect tool.

As with all Duromax generators, the Duromax XP1000EH has a cast-iron frame that covers the engine. A pair of 8-inch, all-terrain solid filled wheels is attached to the front of the frame while two stands are attached to the back side. The wheels act as stands when the generator is stationary.

Combined, the wheels and stands keep the generator slightly raised from the ground when stationary.

The Duromax XP1000EH is also equipped with a pair of folding grip handles at the back; simply unfold them and push the generator on the two wheels when you want to move it.

Engine & Control Panel

The Duromax XP1000EH is powered by an 18 HP hybrid engine that runs on gasoline or propane, a convenient feature that ensures you’re always powered in case of gasoline shortages.

Gasoline can be a problem however if you do not use the generator frequently. As the engine sits without being used, the gas will start to break down and can actually go ‘out of date’. That’s why having an extra source of energy is always a good idea.

This dual fuel portable generator can also use liquid propane, which is a significant advantage. Propane has a longer shelf life and all you need to do is connect the propane gas hose to the regulator/decompression valve and the unit is ready to be used.

Liquid propane is particularly of special interest here as it provides squeaky clean running. It doesn’t gum up the carburettor, keeping it in pristine condition and therefore helping to keep maintenance costs down.

The engine’s real power stems from its two 120V receptacles from which you can extract maximum power whilst operating at 120V. You could also choose to run at 120V and 240V simultaneously at normal power.

All this is made seamlessly possible thanks to the nifty Duromax voltage regulator.

In total, there are five power points on the engine’s fully loaded front panel: a 120V 30 AMP socket, a pair of 120V 20 AMP sockets, a 120/240V 50 AMP heavy duty socket, a 12V DC outlet, and a 120/240V 30 AMP twist lock socket.

There’s a convenient volt meter that indicates when the power is about to max out or if there’s any issue that needs attention.

Obviously as with all power tools, safety is paramount with all Duromax generators. In addition to a standards compliant and fully EPA approved design, the XP1000EH comes with a couple of built-in safety features to prevent accidents and ensure utmost safety of users and operators, including an automatic spark arrestor, a low oil protection mechanism, and a voltage regulator.

The built-in spark arrestor is of particular interest in terms of user safety. Sparks are a common feature when operating power tools and the potential of starting a fire are high in just about any part of the engine.

The generator’s spark arresting muffler helps to reduce fire risks and is fully compliant with the US Forest Service fire safety requirements.

The XP1000EH’s engine is designed to be easy to operate. The dual mode start mechanism allows even average users to start the generator either with recoil or electric start. There’s an ‘easy start’ guide plastered on the engine’s front panel for a novice operator to follow.

The electric start mechanism is powered by a rechargeable 12V battery; of course it should be fully charged before you can start the engine this way. Otherwise the manual recoil cable mechanism gets the job done too.

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Runtime and Fuel Consumption

At 8.3 gallons full tank capacity, the XP1000EH gives a whopping 10 hours runtime on gasoline at 50% load. It goes a whole 20 hours on propane gas at the same load.

The engine’s super quiet sound muffler keeps noise levels down, ensuring a quiet operation throughout.

The multi fuel generator is compliant with EPA’s emission standards but gives the cleanest and smoothest running when using propane gas.


The Duromax 10000-watt portable generator is designed in such a way as to be a low cost maintenance power tool.

The design features sturdy steel bearings and cast-iron cylinder sleeves that protect from unexpected engine damage during operation. This sturdy design ensures you don’t run into unexpected repairs due to damaged parts.

The built-in low oil warning system is another nifty feature that protects your generator from damage. There’s a set oil level in the engine below which the system fires an alert and automatically shuts off. This timely and automatic intervention saves you a lot of money in engine part repairs. It also adds to the machine’s longevity.

As with the generator’s other safety and monitoring features mentioned earlier, the voltmeter and voltage regulators work to ensure the engine runs within the set limits. This ensures normal wear of the various engine parts and keeps your maintenance costs at the bare minimum.

Duromax XP1000EH Generator Pros

  • A strong core guarantees reliable performance. Peak output of 10,000W and 8,000W normal running is pretty humongous. The XP1000EH easily handles multiple small electrical appliances or single heavy loads without any issue.
  • Easy to start and operate. Like all Duromax generators, the XP1000EH is designed for safe and easy operation. A nifty starter’s guide on the control panel makes things easier for average users.
  • Dual fuel compatibility ensures your power needs are always met regardless of gasoline scarcity.
  • Smooth and quiet operation thanks to the built-in sound muffler.
  • Standards compliance and plenty of safety features ensure users are not exposed to any risks.
  • Automatic low oil shutoff switch ensures safety for users and protects engine parts from damage.
  • A fully elaborate and easy to operate control panel allows for smooth operation.
  • Relatively easy to maintain. So long as proper operational procedures are adhered to, you’ll rarely need to replace engine parts.
  • Eco friendly especially when using propane gas.
  • Built for easy mobility, thanks to the solid-fill wheels.
  • Very versatile. Can power an entire household and it’s no slouch when it comes to powering construction sites.
  • This generator (like all Duromax generators) comes with a flexible one year warranty that you can extend beyond the standard 12 months cover.
  • Duromax is a trusted and reliable brand that manufactures dependable power tools.

XP1000EH Generator Cons

  • Bulky construction. No doubt the XP1000EH is a workhorse with a huge power output but unfortunately, that calls for a heavy construction to support the massive engine. There are no shortcuts here.
  • While the maker has gone to lengths to provide easy-to-use guides, the generator is still somewhat intimidating to operate for novice users.
  • A recurring complaint from previous buyers suggests that this generator typically ships with a dead battery.
  • Generator might not be safe for delicate electronic appliances. A surge protection unit is a must-have accessory when using it to power electronic gadgets.

Final Notes

The Duromax 10000-watt portable generator is a solid power tool made with the end user in mind. The versatile multi fuel generator is built around a strong core engine that can accept high wattage loads without any issues.

The Duromax 10000 watt hybrid is ideal for general home use as a power backup but can also be used for outdoor activities as well as for RV applications. The dual fuel portable generator also manages well on construction sites.

Built for smooth, straightforward operation, the Duromax XP1000EH is easy to start and operate regardless of technical ability. Dual fuel compatibility offers flexibility and reliability in times of gasoline scarcity.

A solid cast-iron frame construction ensures durability and dependability. A slew of safety features help to protect users and operators from accidents.

On the downside, the Duromax XP1000EH features a heavy design that makes the generator a tad bulky for some applications. Thankfully, it’s got folding grip handles and solid filled wheels for easy mobility.

There are a couple of other small things that may let down this portable power generation machine but overall, it is well designed generator that’s undoubtedly a superb workhorse when it matters.

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